15.04.01 - Apigee Developer Services Portal Release Notes

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On Thursday, April 23, 2015, we released a new cloud version of the Apigee Developer Services Portal.

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For a list of all Apigee Edge release notes, see Apigee Release Notes.

New features and enhancements

Following are the new features and enhancements in this release.


Following are new features and enhancements in Edge monetization.

Separate handling of Companies and Developers

Companies and developers are now handled separately, allowing for more flexibility in adding multiple companies to developers and multiple developers to companies. The management UI now provides separate windows for "Companies" and "Developers" (accessible from the "Publish" menu).

See Manage companies and developers.

In monetization reports, companies remain a primary filter, though the filter label has changed from "Developers" to "Companies".

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
DEVSOL-1294 Remove "Method UUID" as an option in SmartDocs
"Method UUID" is no longer an option for custom URLs.
DEVSOL-1063 Add concurrency to build.xml for faster builds
The OPDK installer now uses ten threads to download libraries and modules instead of one for faster install times.
DEVSOL-1021 Display Dev Portal profile version on status page, and untie OPDK/Cloud versions
The Dev Portal Apigee version is now viewable on the status page at: "Reports > Status reports" as an administrator.
DEVSOL-1019 Implement Ping API for SmartDocs Validation Check
SmartDocs Module will now show its status on the status report page at "Reports > Status reports". The status page will report if the proxy url is not configured or if the proxy url is not correct

Indicate rendered/published state in model list page
SmartDocs model listing will show additional information:

  • Total methods: This is the total number of methods available in the latest revision of a model.
  • Rendered: The total number of methods that are rendered as nodes in the developer portal.
  • Published: The number of rendered nodes that are published.
DEVSOL-1007 Remove models in Admin Menu
The administration menu item SmartDocs > Models will not have the list of models as submenu items. Instead clicking on "SmartDocs > Models" will take you to the list of available models.
DEVSOL-1004 Support SmartDocs in Apigee DevConnect theme
Added support for SmartDocs in Apigee DevConnect theme.
DEVSOL-999 Upgrade Rubik theme to 4.2
Admin theme Rubik has been upgraded from version 4.1 to 4.2.

Add keyExpiresIn property to DeveloperApp entity plus option to set its value during app creation
A default value for API key expiration dates for newly-created apps can be set through the administrative UI ("Configuration> Dev Portal Settings > Dev Portal App Config > Credential Lifetime"). A value of -1 indicates there is no auto-expiring of API keys, or any positive number of days can be configured.

For customers who need finer-grained control, any custom module implementing hook_devconnect_developer_app_presave() can alter the value of $form_state\['storage'\]\['entity'\]->keyExpiresIn. This should be a numeric value representing a number of days (or a fraction thereof).

DEVSOL-972 Media YouTube module bug fixed
Fixed a bug with Media YouTube module, which gave fatal error, which does not allows users to upload images using the file browser.
DEVSOL-954 Add dependency on devconnect_developer_apps module in SmartDocs module
Disabling Devconnect Developer Apps module causes fatal error on the SmartDocs settings page. Dependency on Devconnect Developer Apps module is added in the SmartDocs module so that it is not possible to disable the Devconnect Developer Apps module, preventing future occurrence of this issue.
DEVSOL-933 Add warning message if devconnect_multiorg is enabled
The devconnect_multiorg module is now deprecated. This module should no longer be used. A warning message is now displayed in the system if the module is enabled.
DEVSOL-922 Drupal update module should be on by default
The Drupal update module is enabled during installation to alert customers if modules become outdated or security patches are needed.
DEVSOL-903 Purchased Plans Page: Display plans grouped by status
The "Purchased plans" tab under monetization's "Catalogs & Plans" page now shows the purchased plans in a table sorted by status. The table can now be sorted by any column by clicking on the table header.
DEVSOL-899 cron throws a PDOException Integrity constraint violation
Fixed issue where running cron would throw a PDOException Integrity constraint violation due to duplicate entries in dc_dev_app_api_products table.
DEVSOL-890 Display only purchasable Mint API products on add/create apps form
There is now an administrator setting to allow or not allow products that a developer cannot purchase to be displayed in the app creation form. To change this setting, go to "Configuration > Monetization Settings" and change the "Application creation product display" setting. By default, only products that are usable by that developer are displayed in the app creation form.
DEVSOL-874 Make API Product(s) visible to only certain roles of developers
By enabling the "DevConnect Limit API Product by Role" module, it is now possible to limit which API Products are available to Developers based on Drupal roles assigned to those Developers.
DEVSOL-865 Update Module: Disable user interface code updates
In earlier cloud versions, the available updates page under "Reports > Available Updates" appeared to allow administrators to update the site via FTP. This has been turned off for cloud users since they should use their site dashboard for updates.
DEVSOL-851 Edge connection credentials are now encrypted and stored in a private filesystem
For added security, Edge connection credentials are no longer stored in the database, but rather are now encrypted and stored in the private file system.
DEVSOL-823 Maintenance mode page formatting
Maintenance page is now formatted nicely on all browsers.
DEVSOL-793 Monetization: The table for Managing Users is poorly formatted
The Monetization users table has been reformatted as part of the new company feature. If you have customized this page you should apply your changes to the new themed function theme_apigee_company_company_developers() in the apigee_company module.
DEVSOL-783 Monetization Bank details page
Monetization Bank details page now displays better in all browsers.
DEVSOL-773 Expired Rate plan is pointing to another active Rate plan in Developer portal
If a plan has ended, there is no longer a hyperlink to the plan details since that plan is no longer viewable. The proper plan tab is now displayed when clicking on the plan name in the "purchased plans" table.
DEVSOL-605 Dev Portal Insufficient Prepaid Balance modal should display cost and tax
Insufficient Prepaid Balance modal window now displays cost and tax information.
DEVSOL-523 Unable to delete apps when Monetization is enabled
Can now delete apps when Monetization is enabled. Previous versions would show a empty dialog when trying to delete app.
DEVSOL-487 Day format in Monetization should be configurable by admins.
The date format is now configurable in Monetization under monetization settings for European and US date formats.
DEVSOL-257 Confirm Password Field in Create an Admin User Form During Installation
The password field for the admin user is confirmed during installation.
DEVSOL-115 Dev Portal settings need descriptions
Description text for the DevConnect settings items on the "Configuration" page
DEVSOL-31 Add app page formatting
Corrected misalignment of the product checkboxes with error on the Add app form.