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On Tuesday, January 6, 2015, we released version of the Apigee Developer Services portal for the cloud.

New features

This release of the cloud version of the Apigee Developer Services portal contains the following new features:

  • Asynchronous user-save
    Asynchronous user-save is a new feature that postpones the saving of user information until after the response is sent back to the browser in order to increase performance. This change only happens under the following circumstances:
    • A suitable PHP CLI is found
    • Monetization is not enabled
    • The Enable asynchronous checkbox is selected on the Configuration > Dev Portal Settings > Dev Portal User Settings page.
  • You can no longer change the connection settings between the portal and Edge
    On previous cloud releases, you could directly edit the connection information used to connect the portal to Edge, including: URL of the Edge endpoint, Apigee organization name, and the username and password of an organization administrator. Now, you must make a request to Apigee Support to change the connection information. See Creating a developer portal for more.


As of April 15, 2015 Google will no longer support the OpenID 2.0 API, as described at the following link:


All portals released before 14.07 used Google OpenID 2.0, which enabled users to log in to the portal or register as a portal user by using their Google credentials. For more, see Using federated credentials on the developer portal. Because of this deprecation, that functionality has been removed from the portal.

As a replacement, you can instead use the Drupal Google Auth module or use the information described in the article: Using OAuth 2.0 for Login.

Bug fixes

The following bugs are fixed in this release:

Topic Description
Monetization Fixes to wording displayed to end users for Monetization.
Monetization Tax rates are now properly displayed in Monetization prepaid billing page. Note that you must use the "prepaid developer API" call on the portal side (under Configuration > Monetization Settings).
Monetization The monetization prepaid balance page no longer displays a zero balance as "-0.00", but instead as "0.00".
Billing documents now properly download from Edge server in HTML format. Postgres v9.0 introduced a new 'hex' encoding which may need to be changed in postgresql.conf to get billing documents to download properly. If billing documents do not download correctly from Dev Portal, change the bytea_output in postgresql.conf to 'escape' on the Edge Management Server:
bytea_output = 'escape' # hex, escape
Monetization When the Edge API call to get user balance does not return properly, the page now displays correctly and an error is logged. Previously, the page showed an error screen.
New developer registration Fixed message when registering with a new account to say the account is pending administrator approval only if Dev Portal is configured to need administrator approval before logging in.
New developer registration Newly-registered developers who were supposed to be blocked by default were enabled on the Edge backend. Developers who should have been blocked by default were enabled (despite a "Please wait for approval" message being displayed) was resolved by the same fix.
New developer registration The portal no longer throws an exception when a user registers without an email address, so that integrations with systems that do not use email addresses can be done. However, users will still need to update their profile with an email address before they are able to create developer apps.
Registration form The First Name and Last Name fields on the registration form were moved to the top of the registration form for new installs. Note that all fields on this form can be moved by using the Admin UI. See Add and manage user accounts for more.
Developer status When a developer is set to "blocked" status on the portal, the developer will be set to inactive on the Edge management server, which means that the blocked developer will not be able to make API calls.
Cron job Cron no longer fails when an app in Edge is not properly associated with a developer.
Logging System no longer logs error when access type of an app is "readonly".
Drupal rules The Rule in Drupal rules module to send email when an app key goes from pending to approved is now run. In earlier versions the rule was not working when the state was changed.
SmartDocs PATCH verb is now displayed correctly when rendered on SmartDocs pages.
SmartDocs When the Edge endpoint is inaccessible, the SmartDocs module no longer displays warnings.
SmartDocs "Undefined index:" warnings are no longer displayed in SmartDocs module.
Breadcrumbs now working correctly on SmartDocs pages. On the method details page, the first item in the breadcrumb trail used to be model_machine_name Documentation/, so the first word was not capitalized. With this fix the first item will be the human readable name of the model and the first word will be capitalized.
Also on the API Method listing page based on the HTTP verb (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE), the breadcrumb items were linking to wrong URL. With this fix the breadcrumb items on the page now point to the correct URLs.
SmartDocs A CSS fix now allows the SmartDocs JSON body (in a POST or PUT request) to be properly edited in-place.
Main menu The login and register links are now available when the main menu has no items in it.
App attributes
The listing page for app attributes was broken and would not render. This issue has been fixed in the devconnect_app_attributes.module file.
Hardcoded redirects The function which creates the form for editing a developer app no longer directly invokes drupal_goto() or drupal_not_found() if the developer app is not found. This allows customer-specific modules to consistently alter the form's behavior without forcing an unconditional redirect.