180406 - Apigee Edge for Public Cloud release notes

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On Monday, April 16, we began releasing a new version of Apigee Edge for Public Cloud.

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Deprecations and Retirements

The following features are being deprecated or retired. See the Edge deprecation policy for more information. See Apigee deprecations and retirements for the dates around which features will be retired (removed from the product).

Issue ID Component Name Description
67144436 Management Server

If no key is associated with a TLS/SSL certificate, the key name is now showing as empty string

The following changes apply to the Get a Keystore or Truststore management API:

  • Before the fix, a key name was shown even though no key was associated with a TLS/SSL certificate. Now, if no key is associated with a TLS/SSL certificate, an empty string with double quotes is returned. For example: "keys": [""]. Otherwise, key names are the same as alias names (existing behavior).
  • A new response property, aliases, is an array that contains the aliasName, cert, and key for each alias in a keystore or truststore. For example:

    "aliases" : [
            "aliasName" : "myAlias",
            "cert" : "myAlias-cert"
            "key" : "myAlias-key"

    Where key is the aliasName-key.

    In a future release, the existing certs and keys properties will be removed from the response, as the new aliases property includes these.

New Features and Updates

Following are the new features and updates in this release.

Issue ID Component Name Description
67168078 API Runtime

New functions for helping configure message payloads and strings

Edge includes a predefined set of functions to help you define strings (such as message payloads) in policies such as Assign Message, Java Callout, and Raise Fault. These functions let you:

  • Use JSONPath
  • Hash values in multiple formats
  • Manipulate strings
  • Escape and encode characters
  • Format times
  • Generate IDs, longs, and strings

See Message templates.

76006005 API Runtime

Update to JWT policy claims generation behavior

Following are behavior changes for generating claims with the JWT policy, when a claim provides both a default, explicit value and a variable reference to supersede the default value.

  • Don't generate a claim when:
    • The referenced variable (ref="variable") on the Claim element is unresolved.
    • The explicit value is empty.
    • The IgnoreUnresolvedVariables element is true.

    The previous behavior was to add a claim with a blank string.

  • Generate a claim without an unresolved variable error when:
    • The explicit value on the Claim element is non-null and non-blank.
    • The referenced variable is unresolved.
    • The IgnoreUnresolvedVariables element is any value.

    The previous behavior was to throw an unresolved variable error even when an explicit value existed.

74822515 Management Server

Provide pagination for the List Company Apps management API

In CPS-enabled organizations that use monetization, the List Company Apps management API now includes count and startKey query parameters to control response pagination, where the maximum number of company apps returned is 100.

77324258 API Runtime

Enabling Edge router and message processor communication secure as default option

76100884 Management Server

Remove reachable from code and set the field to true always

74125205 Management Server

Handle CPS data in the org wipeout service

73830928 Management Server

Modify the management server code so it reads audit logs from BigQuery

72744283 API Runtime

Routers should block calls from the Crimea region and countries which have US sanctions

64987848 API Runtime

Separate HTTPClient cache from connection pools to reduce latencies with a large number of random target endpoints

Bugs Fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Component Name Description
77657867 API Runtime

Shared flows are broken in trial pod

77549662 Management Server

ExpiresAt tag is not shown in the app-credentials response for CPS orgs when expiry is -1

76391087 Management Server

sysadmin cannot query org userroles if the org is marked for deletion

76286610 CPS

NonDistributedBucket should use CompositeFetchRange

76120441 API Runtime

Window calculation is wrong for quota with defaultType interval enforcement

74966505 Feature Platform

FATAL - common-mp-fault-rate tyr-test.apigee.net error

74601316 API Runtime

JWT policies cannot accept an audience claim that is a string containing commas

74596483 API Runtime

MPs in reu1mp002-3 are being frequently marked down and back up

74407349 Management Server

Description field not updated in PUT call for existent virtualhosts

74405851 Management Server

TLS Disabled virtualhosts updates on Description/Base URL failed for orgadmins

74401756 Management Server

Update vhost with a mismatching keystore reference is successful

74390879 Management Server

Spec URL not populated in the application bean correctly during bundle import

74371918 Management Server

Management API to return HTTP 400 for an OAuth token revoke action when the token is expired

74175585 API Runtime

Fix router plugin python script that parses conf.d files

74123604 Management Server

Identity zone should be handled in the org wipeout service

73757643 Management Server

lastModifiedBy value in the proxy meta data to properly reflect with last updated user

72444142 API Runtime

Router fails to indicate unhealthy status when the default Nginx configurations are incorrect

67143649 Management Server

Shared Flow showing up in the API proxy list