(WebSockets) - Apigee Edge for Private Cloud release notes

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On Thursday, August 13, 2015, we released a patch for Apigee Edge for Private Cloud WebSockets.

New features and enhancements

Following are the new features and enhancements in this release.

WebSocket frame size adjustment

You can configure the size of WebSocket frames in Apigee Edge for Private Cloud. To do this, configure properties in two different files on all routers and message processors. The values in both files must always match.

  • In the router's router.properties file, configure:
  • In the message processor's netty-websocket-adaptor.properties file, configure:

Restart the router and message processor nodes after you update the files. For example:

/<inst-root>/apigee4/bin/apigee-service router restart

/<inst-root>/apigee4/bin/apigee-service message-processor restart


target flow variables are not populated correctly for inline target and targetservers

New variables in message flows provide more complete URL information for target endpoints and target servers:

  • TargetEndpoint: request.url replaces target.basepath.with.query.
  • TargetServer: loadbalancing.targetserver replaces targetserver.name. Also, target.basepath is populated only when the <Path> element is used in the TargetEndpoint's HTTPTargetConnection <LoadBalancer> element. (APIRT-1050)

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
TBD-82 Management server self checks are failing after system password change
MGMT-2551 UI in no longer works with Java 6
MGMT-2418 UI config apigee.conf does not support TLS
MGMT-2255 Management server self checks are failing after system password change
MGMT-1677 Log authentication failure and authorization failures in debug
CORERT-318 HTTPServer.streaming.buffer.limit=10 caused intermittent hung requests
While dealing with slow clients and large payloads occasionally the requests would hang and time out from the router. This issue was seen only when the router had the HTTPServer.streaming.buffer.limit property set to a non zero value. The issue has been fixed.
APIRT-1766 Timeouts on WebSockets
APIRT-1713 ExtractVariables policy failures under 10TPS load
APIRT-1472 Messages on system.log every time a health check API is invoked
APIRT-1147 Proxy streaming data from S3 bucket no longer completes download