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On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, we released version of the on-premises version (OPDK) of the Apigee Developer Services portal.

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Bug fixes

This on-premises release includes all of the bug fixes from the following cloud releases:

This release also contains the following bug fixes:

Issue ID Description
DEVSOL-1048 Cache duplicate key errors on create/delete app
Duplicate-key exceptions in developer-app cache save has been fixed.
DEVSOL-1046 Patches in apigee.make do not apply cleanly to new version of Views
Update patches for views and other modules to latest versions due to errors that occur due to the patches not being able to be cleanly applied. This change makes sure all needed patches to contributed Drupal modules are applied.
DEVSOL-1022 Allow Dev Portal installer to run without Redhat Registration
The OPDK installer no longer requires Red Hat customers to register with Redhat. However, if the system is not registered on Red Hat, Yum repos will need to be available for Yum to install all dependencies.
DEVSOL-992 Editing existing app when caches have not recently been cleared yields fatal exception
A crash could occur when editing and then saving an already-existing app was resolved.
DEVSOL-906 Warning while purchasing a future plan if there is no sufficient balance
The portal now displays a warning message when purchasing a future plan if there is not currently a sufficient balance.
DEVSOL-903 Purchased Plans Page: Display plans grouped by status
The "purchased plans" tab under monetization's "Catalogs & Plans" page now shows the purchased plans in a table sorted by status. The table can now be sorted by any column by clicking on the table header. See attached screenshot.
DEVSOL-890 Display only purchasable Mint API products on add/create apps form
There is now an administrator setting to allow or not allow products that a developer cannot purchase to be displayed in the app creation form. To change this setting, go to Configuration > Monetization Settings and change the "Application creation product display" setting. By default, only products that are usable by that developer are displayed in the app creation form.
DEVSOL-773 Expired Rate plan is pointing to another active Rate plan in Developer portal
If a plan has ended, there is no longer a hyperlink to the plan details since that plan is no longer viewable. The proper plan tab is now displayed when clicking on the plan name in the "purchased plans" table.
DEVSOL-605 Dev Portal Insufficient Prepaid Balance modal should display cost and tax
Insufficient Prepaid Balance modal window now displays cost and tax information.
DEVSOL-583 Monetization code is not fully internationalized
Monetization module strings are now fully wrapped to allow Dev Portal Monetization screens to be translated to other languages.
DEVSOL-523 Unable to delete apps when monetization is enabled
Can now delete apps when monetization is enabled. Previous versions would show a empty dialog when trying to delete app.