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On Tuesday, December 9, 2015, we released a version of Apigee Edge Developer Services Portal for Private Cloud.

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For a list of all Apigee Edge release notes, see Apigee Release Notes.

Apigee Edge requirements for the portal

If you are connecting this release of the portal to an installation of Edge for Private Cloud, then you must connect it to version or later to ensure that all SmartDocs features are supported. See - Apigee Edge for Private Cloud release notes for more.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
DEVSOL-1964 OPDK Fails on installing Drush
The PHP Pear repo server had a disk failure causing the dependencies for Drush to not be available for installation. This release uses composer instead for installing Drush to workaround this issue.

Known issues

This release contains the following known issues:

Issue ID Description
DEVSOL-1743 OPDK Upgrade needs to support Networked/Non-networked configuration
It is not possible to update Drupal on a server that has no connection to the internet.