23.03.23 - Apigee Edge for Public Cloud release notes

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On March 23, 2023, we began releasing a new version of the Apigee integrated portal.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Component Name Description
272794133 Integrated portal

When setting a user account to Inactive, a notice is now displayed indicating that this setting affects the login behavior only for built-in identity provider accounts.

267502391 Integrated portal

Improved error messages for invalid input to various endpoints.

265051231 Integrated portal

Default assets (images) added to a newly created portal used to show up as size 0px x 0px. Now they show their proper size.

Known issues

For a list of known issues with the integrated portal, see Known issues with the integrated portal.