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On Thursday, July 21, 2016, we released a new version of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud.

Update procedure

This release includes the update.sh utility that you use to update your existing 4.16.05 installation to use the latest RPMs and support files. To use update.sh to update your existing 4.16.05 installation to the latest version, see Update Apigee Edge 4.16.05.x to latest 4.16.05 release.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description Build number

Improve Proxy from WSDL Generation

In the Build a Proxy wizard, when you create a SOAP API proxy as a pass-through proxy type, security options (API Key, OAuth 2.0, and CORS headers) are disabled in the Security wizard page.

EDGEUI-627 The value of PLAY_SESSION for the Edge UI is not changing across different login sessions edge-ui-4.16.05-0.0.3665

Add ZooKeeper zk-tree.sh utility

Include the ZooKeeper zk-tree.sh utility, which you can use to debug and troubleshoot ZooKeeper issues. The utility is located at:



Support TLS 1.2 by default in a virtual host

Virtual hosts now support TLS 1.2.


"Error fetching webhooks" message appears in Edge UI whenusing Monetization

With Monetization enabled, the Edge UI displayed the message "Error fetching Webhooks" when you tried to perform actions on the Packages page. That error has been fixed.

Data Masking not working in debug session
Trace data was not being masked correctly when running in debug mode.

When using an External Authentication server, a single incorrect login locks the user out of the Edge UI

In previous releases when using an external authentication server, a single incorrect login attempt to the Edge UI locked out the user, even if the user was allowed multiple login attempts. That issue has now been fixed.



Known issues

This release has the following known issues.

Issue ID Description

Router fails to start Nginx or Router fails to start

If the Edge Router fails to start Nginx or fails to start at all, as shown in the /opt/apigee/var/log/edge-router/logs/system.log file, then delete all files in the /opt/nginx/conf.d directory, and restart the router:

> rm -f /opt/nginx/conf.d/*
> /opt/apigee/apigee-service/bin/apigee-service edge-router restart

Message Processor does DNS lookup on IPv4 and IPv6

If you have installed and enabled NSCD (Name Service Cache Daemon) you might notice that Message Processors make two DNS lookups: one for IPv4 and one for IPv6.

To disable the DNS lookup on IPv6:

  1. On every Message Processor node, edit /etc/nscd.conf.
  2. Set the following property:

    enable-cache hosts no

Error when running "apigee-service apigee-postgresql pg-data-purge" command

If you run the "apigee-service apigee-postgresql pg-data-purge" command and see an error in the form:

ERROR: must be owner of relation

Edit /opt/apigee/apigee-postgresql-4.16.05-0.0.894/lib/actions/pg-data-purge and set the following property to 'apigee':


DOC-1687 Due to a known package dependency conflict, the Katello agent used in Satellite Server 6 will not install properly on Apigee Edge hosts running the Qpid daemon.