19.08.14 - Apigee Edge integrated portal release notes

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On Wednesday, August 14, we will begin releasing a new version of Apigee Edge integrated portal.

New features

The following section summarizes the new feature in this release.

Configure a content security policy

Configure a content security policy (CSP) for all pages in your portal to protect against cross-site scripting (XSS) and other code-injection attacks. The CSP defines trusted sources for content such as scripts, styles, and images. After configuring a policy, content loaded from untrusted sources will be blocked by your browser. For more information, see Configure a content security policy.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Component Name Description
138844469 Integrated Portal

500 Internal Server Error when sign in on Safari

An issue has been fixed that was causing a redirect to a 500 internal server error page when signing in using the Safari browser (even when user signed in successfully).

138303909 Integrated Portal

API image path problem

Uploading a new image it the API settings dialog would cause images paths for other APIs to change to /files/files. This issue has been fixed.

138286313 Integrated Portal

Customer cannot assign domain restriction on developer program

When configuring the account restrictions for a built-in identity provider, an error was displayed when saving the configuration. This issue has been fixed.