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On Monday, September 19, 2016, we released a version of Apigee Edge Developer Services Portal for Private Cloud.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
DEVSOL-2243 Add Taxonomy Access Control module to distro
The Taxonomy Access Control (taxonomy_access) module was added to the Apigee Drupal distribution.
DEVSOL-2241 Update ldap, services, webform modules
The LDAP family of modules was updated to latest stable for a security fix. Services and Webform modules were also updated to latest stable.

Note: None of these modules are enabled by default for a standard profile install, so most users will not see any change after accepting this update.
DEVSOL-2231 Update contrib modules: ctools, linkchecker, markdown
The Chaos Tools module (ctools) was updated to latest stable in order to eliminate warnings when running on PHP 7. In addition, the Linkchecker and Markdown modules were updated to latest stable.
DEVSOL-2229 Search not appearing for non-admin users
A display bug in the Apigee Responsive theme was fixed, in which the search form at the top of each page was obscured by the orange bar for non-administrative users.
DEVSOL-2227 Issue during dbupdate: There is no method getElementName
A bug was fixed in which a database update procedure for the DevConnect Developer Apps module threw errors when updating the configuration for certain Rules involving loops or other action containers.
DEVSOL-2221 Google Analytics Module Security Update
The Google Analytics contrib module was updated to the latest stable version to address a security vulnerability. For more information, see this advisory: https://www.drupal.org/node/2782023

Resolve undefined-var warnings in dblog

Warnings about undefined variables and indexes generated by smartdocs_node_presave() and smartdocs_preprocess_smartdocs_method() have been eliminated.


Security update for the admin_views module

The Administration Views contrib module was updated to the latest stable version to address a security vulnerability. For more information, see this advisory: https://www.drupal.org/node/2778501.

The following modules were also updated (non-security related):

  • Google Auth
  • Markdown
  • Metatag
  • Services
  • UUID
  • Webform

The following theme was updated:

  • Bootstrap

OAuth2 integration issue with the default app for a new account

Developer apps created by a Rules event now correctly set the API Product(s) associated with the app, and now correctly fire hook_devconnect_developer_apps_save().


Request body get lost after Smartdocs node modified

When editing and saving a SmartDocs method which was generated by an OpenAPI/Swagger document, default value and schema of body parameters are no longer lost.


Do not enable Webform module at profile-install time

The Webform module is no longer enabled by default for new profile installs.

DEVSOL-2194 Update contrib modules
The following contrib modules have been updated:
  • Context
  • Display Suite
  • File Entity
  • Google Analytics
  • Libraries
  • Media
  • Metatag
  • SMTP
  • XAutoload

Bump version of Views for security fix
Drupal core and the Views module were updated to pick up upstream security fixes.


Cannot load private products using devconnect_developer_apps_get_api_products() when product caching is enabled
A bug was fixed in which non-public API products were not being cached when the cron was run.

DEVSOL-2183 Remove hidden and deprecated custom modules
The following hidden and deprecated modules have been removed:
  • devconnect_content_admin
  • devconnect_docgen
  • devconnect_download
  • devconnect_multiorg
  • devportal_updates
  • devconnect_partner
DEVSOL-2182 Reorganize Apigee custom modules on the Modules admin page
Custom modules provided by Apigee have been reorganized on the Modules admin page to better reflect their function.
DEVSOL-2180 Credential status event triggers are now categorized as experimental features
Events triggered by a change in the credential status of a developer app are now categorized as experimental features. The experimental event triggers are not available by default, but can be enabled on the Dev Portal Settings page.

Allow Edge SDK to specify an optional path to cacert.pem

Customers who wish to use self-signed certificates to connect to an Edge instance can now do so by specifying an alternate cacert.pem in custom code implementing hook_devconnect_org_settings_alter().


Cannot add link in CKEditor since recent portal release
The Bootstrap base theme was patched to fix autocomplete conflicts. See https://www.drupal.org/node/2594243 for details.

DEVSOL-2159 Default SmartDocs view should be customizable
When the SmartDocs base view is edited, the edits are now persisted in model-specific views that are subsequently created.
DEVSOL-2158 Remove web.config
The web.config file has been removed from the Drupal web root, since it is only useful for sites served by Microsoft IIS. The robots.txt file, which had been erroneously removed in the past, has been restored.
DEVSOL-2157 Replace Yahoo Weather Sample
As described in this community article, the sample proxy API that was based on the Yahoo! Weather API is no longer valid as the app now requires an OAuth 1.0 token in order to execute. For new profile installs, a simple "hello world" API proxy is rendered in SmartDocs, replacing the Yahoo! Weather API proxy SmartDocs. For more information, see SmartDocs portal example.
DEVSOL-2155 Uncaught exception thrown in rare cases when importing a SmartDocs model using a valid OpenAPI YAML document
A bug was fixed in which, in certain rare cases, a valid OpenAPI YAML document would cause PHP to throw an uncaught exception when importing a SmartDocs model.
DEVSOL-2150 SmartDocs links under My App page not formatted
A display bug was fixed in the Apigee Responsive theme in which, when a SmartDocs model was associated with an API product, links to the SmartDocs documentation were badly formatted on the Developer app summary page for apps associated with that API product.

Resource name does not populate upon importing from Swagger

A bug in the SmartDocs UI was resolved in which methods with an internal name but no display name defined were shown with no name on the revision detail admin page.

DEVSOL-2099 API Product Role access page doesn't save the configurations
A bug was fixed in the “DevConnect Limit API Product by Role” module, in which role access mapping for API products whose name was in mixed case was not correctly saved.