15.03.18 - Apigee Edge cloud release notes

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On Thursday, March 26, 2015, we released a new cloud version of Apigee Edge.

New features and enhancements

Following are the new features and enhancements in this release.

Developer Services

Following are new features and enhancements in Edge Developer Services.

Swagger 2.0 support for SmartDocs

SmartDocs supports importing Swagger 2.0 specification documents and maintains backward compatibility with Swagger 1.2.


Following are new features and enhancements in Edge monetization.

Separate handling of Companies and Developers

Companies and developers are now handled separately, allowing for more flexibility in adding multiple companies to developers and multiple developers to companies. The management UI now provides separate windows for "Companies" and "Developers" (accessible from the "Publish" menu).

See Manage companies and developers.

In monetization reports, companies remain a primary filter, though the filter label has changed from "Developers" to "Companies".

API Services

Following are new features and enhancements in Edge API Services.

New OAuthV2 fault variables

These new fault-related variables are set by the OAuthV2 policy:

  • oauthV2.<policy-name>.failed - Set to true if the policy failed.
  • oauthv2.<policy_name>.<fault_name> - The name of the fault. For example, invalid_request
  • oauthv2.<policy_name>.<fault_cause> - The fault reason. For example: Token Expired

See http://apigee.com/docs/api-services/content/oauthv2-policy.

Product creation

When creating a new product, you can now specify the product name in addition to the display name.

See http://apigee.com/docs/developer-services/content/creating-api-products.

UI for removing users from an organization

On the Organization Users page in the UI, the Delete button was replaced with a Remove button. This is to help make it clear that when you remove a user from an organization, that user's Apigee account remains active.

See http://apigee.com/docs/api-services/content/managing-organization-users.

Analytics Services

Following are new features and enhancements in Edge Analytics Services.

Variables added to analytics

The following new variables are passed to Edge analytics, visible in the AX stage of the API proxy trace window.

  • apigee.edge.execution.is_target_error - Lets you identify whether API errors are target-side errors (value "1") or non-target errors for unsuccessful HTTP responses (value "0"). The value is null for a successful HTTP response.
  • apigee.edge.execution.is_policy_error - Lets you identify if a policy failed (value "1") or no policy failed in an unsuccessful HTTP response (value "0"). The value is null for a successful HTTP response.
    The following related variables provide details of the policy that failed first. The values are null if no policy failed.
    • apigee.edge.execution.fault_policy_name - The name of the policy that failed.
    • apigee.edge.execution.fault_flow_name - The name of the flow in the policy that failed (such as PreFlow, PostFlow, or a user-defined flow).
    • apigee.edge.execution.fault_flow_state - The location where the policy was attached in the flow. Possible values: PROXY_REQ_FLOW, TARGET_REQ_FLOW, TARGET_RESP_FLOW, PROXY_RESP_FLOW.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
MGMT-1795 The UI throws an error when selecting a point in the Analytics tab of any list
MGMT-1794 External XML Entity Injection - XXE in remote WSDL parsing using FTP servers
MGMT-1783 UI Dashboard - Developer count limited to 10000
MGMT-1780 When editing a product, turning off an environment in the UI does not save the change
MGMT-1759 Need help explaining the WARN messages in system.log
MGMT-1752 UI to support Authentication Response object for RBAC calls
MGMT-1751 Support UI with Authentication Response object
MGMT-1717 In API Proxy listings page, show last modified date as tooltip
MGMT-1705 Place all AX date pickers to the left, as in proxy performance
MGMT-1697 UI - Sorting only sorts currently displayed page
MGMT-1685 Search for Consumer Key in "Developer Apps" does not workany more
MGMT-1684 Details links on Traffic Composition report take you to same page
MGMT-1680 Switching orgs with the dropdown does not work reliably
MGMT-1655 Devices page shows unknown, other, others as different values
MGMT-1654 Handle "(not set)" the same as we do with "na" values in analytics components
See mean?
MGMT-1653 Remove timezone selector from analytics custom reports
MGMT-1624 Proxy deployment failing when jsc resource files are stored at org scope
MGMT-1554 Update Apache Commons Library for EmailValidation and other utils
MGMT-1492 Make Dev Portal link in the management UI configurable
Fixes links from Edge UI (Developers page) to developer portals. If you have a developer portal that resides at a different location than the default link (Dev Portal button), contact Apigee Support to set the correct URL.
MGMT-1490 UI login timeout doesn't work properly. User is never presented with a new authentication screen.
MGMT-1434 On server start up self registration, register default type same as that of the profile
MGMT-1382 Support authentication and security aspects of Swagger import in modeling
MGMT-1364 Mask sensitive data in logs without affecting performance
In Edge message logging, the Authorization header value was visible. This issue has been fixed. The value is now masked.
MGMT-1117 Better handling of removing users from orgs
The UI provides clearer labels about the impact of removing a user from an organization.
MGMT-1088 UI is truncated when displayed through a projector in XGA resolution
MGMT-1034 WADL import incorrectly adds body param called Content-Type
MGMT-1016 Users with custom role cannot get report
The Custom Roles UI now surfaces permissions for company and developer apps.
MGMT-973 The Trace UI does not appear to be calculating policy elapsed time properly
MGMT-952 Trace error - while fetching object DebugSession not found
MGMT-66 API Product Name mangling
When creating or editing an API product, you can now see both the Display Name and internal Name of the API Product. While the Name remains fixed after you create an API Product, you can continue to modify the Display Name.
DEVRT-1479 Tax on Rate column needed in reports
A "Tax on Rate" (an amount) column is now available in reports. The "Tax/VAT" column has been changed to "Tax on Price", and the "Total Fees" column has been renamed to "Charged Rate".
DEVRT-1478 Tax applied to flat rate is not correct
DEVRT-1476 Prepaid Developer balance view is not populating topups
DEVRT-1441 Tax is applied to refund
DEVRT-1440 Runtime transactions are not rating when API resource is overridden through flow.resource.name
DEVRT-1438 Flat or Rate Card consider gross or net price if product enables in transaction recording policy
DEVRT-1386 Prorated recurring fee calculation is wrong
APIRT-1215 E2E: ratelimit.Quota.failed is not set to true when quota exceeds
APIRT-1063 API Proxy allows circular references
APIRT-1042 Name of the policy having failure / raising fault
APIRT-987 Policy error count