14.05.14 - Apigee Edge cloud release notes

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On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, we released a new cloud version of Apigee Edge.

New features and enhancements

Following are the new features and enhancements in this release.

  • apigee-access Node.js module
    A new apigee-access Node.js module provides access to the following Apigee-specific functionality:
    • Accessing and modifying flow variables within the Apigee message context
    • Using the built-in distributed cache

You can use the apigee-access module by requiring apigee-access in your code. You can also find it on NPM:


For usage information on apigee-access, download the NPM and review README.md.

  • SOAP support
    Edge includes the following enhancements for SOAP/WSDL API proxies:
    • SOAP XML passthrough
    • On the APIs home page in the Edge management UI, visual indicators of SOAP APIs

For details, see Exposing a SOAP-based web service as an API proxy.

  • Beta trace enhancements
    The beta trace feature for API proxies includes the following features:
    • For API proxies containing conditional flows, True and False icons indicating whether conditions evaluated to true or false
    • An enhanced transaction timeline view that allocates less visual space to elements that take less than 1% of the total time, allowing more elements to be shown
    • A new icon badge that indicates when a policy was skipped because the step condition evaluated to false

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Topic Description
Proxy deployment errors in UI Changing and saving deployed proxies sometimes resulted in errors in the Edge management UI. This issue has been resolved.
5xx errors on responses 5xx HTTP errors occurred in situations where responses were complete according to the HTTP specification (no Content-Length or chunked encoding in target endpoint responses). Edge now treats those responses as complete.

A NullPointerException was being thrown in the following situations:

  • In cURL requests when application/octet-stream content was passed without datatype --data-binary
  • When an API proxy bundle was missing the /apiproxy folder

The following message is now thrown instead: "Bundle is invalid. Unable to read/find APIProxy contents."

Trace: IP address Beta trace feature: In API proxy trace sessions, if a target server is defined with an IP address, the transaction details now display the target server IP address rather than labeling it as "undefined".
Memory leak in MPs A memory leak in message processors has been fixed.
messageid in analytics The messageid flow variable is now stored in Edge analytics.