- Apigee Developer Services Portal Release Notes

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On Thursday, August 10, 2015, we released a new cloud version of Developer Services Portal.

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Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description

API Product Description can be null

In the CPS version of Edge MGMT server, the description can be null. The PHP SDK MGMT library will make sure the description will always be an empty string instead of NULL.


SmartDocs update 7500 fails because file entity controller cannot be found

The SmartDocs update 7500 can fail due to class loading issues. This has now been fixed.

Make sure arg_separator.output is '&' to prevent reCAPTCHA breakage

A platform-related issue in which use of Google reCAPTCHA was broken has been fixed.

CPS APIs DevPortal compatibility

The PHP SDK and Dev Portal modules are now modified to support paging and changed size of entity keys for CPS APIs.

Update redirect & webform modules

The redirect and webform module have been updated to the latest releases.

Smartdocs updates throw errors

SmartDocs module updates from Beta to GA will now throw warnings but not stop the update process from finishing. This way all other module updates can run.


Version bump: Display Suite, File Entity, XAutoload

The Display Suite, File Entity, XAutoload modules have been updated to the latest versions.


Version bump: mimemail

The mimemail module has been updated to the latest version.