14.08.27 - Apigee Developer Services Portal Release Notes

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On Wednesday, August 27, 2014, we released version 14.08.27 of the Apigee Developer Services portal for the cloud.

If you have questions, go to Apigee Customer Support.

New features

This release of the cloud version of the Apigee Developer Services portal contains the following new features:

  • SmartDocs now supports direct editing of the model

    You can now edit a SmartDocs model to add resources and methods directly, without having to import a WADL file or Swagger definition. Also, you can now edit SmartDocs nodes that were created from a WADL file or Swagger definition. For more, see Using SmartDocs to document APIs.
  • SmartDocs supports custom token authentication

    Along with basic auth and OAuth, SmartDocs now supports custom token authentication. For more, see Using SmartDocs to document APIs.
  • SmartDocs menu entry now appears in the main Drupal menu

    Instead of being nested under the Drupal Content menu, the SmartDocs menu entry is now at the top-level of the Drupal menu.
  • Portal FAQ added to the documentation

    A new FAQ for the portal has been added to the documentation. See Developer portal FAQ for more.

Enabling the new SmartDocs module

The new SmartDocs features require that you enable the new SmartDocs module in Drupal:

  1. Log in to your portal as a user with admin or content creation privileges.
  2. Select Modules in the Drupal administration menu. The list of all installed Drupal modules appears.
  3. If it is enabled, disable the SmartDocs (beta) module.
  4. Enable the SmartDocs module.
  5. Save the configuration.


As of April 15, 2015 Google will no longer support the OpenID 2.0 API, as described at the following link:


All portals released before 14.07 used Google OpenID 2.0, which enabled users to log in to the portal or register as a portal user by using their Google credentials. For more, see Using federated credentials on the developer portal. Because of this deprecation, that functionality has been removed from the portal.

As a replacement, you can instead use the Drupal Google Auth module or use the information described in the article: Using OAuth 2.0 for Login.

Bug fixes

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Topic Description
Monetization error messages

The portal now displays improved error messages if a developer's company data in their user profile is corrupted or invalid, and if the backend Monetization server is not responding.

Top up for CHF Top ups for CHF currency are no longer off by factor of ten when using the top up modal form.
Swiss Franc currency symbol The Swiss Franc currency code and symbol is now properly placed in text input fields.
Monetization prepaid balances When deciding how much you owe for a purchase, Monetization now takes your current prepaid balance into account.
Top up balance messages Top up balance messages no longer show the currency code twice for currencies without a symbol.