15.09.02 - Apigee Edge cloud release notes

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On Tuesday, September 8, 2015, we released a new cloud version of Apigee Edge.

New features and enhancements

Following are the new features and enhancements in this release.

cURL in Trace

When tracing an API proxy call that makes a request to a target server, you can view the request to the target server as a cURL command. Select the "Request sent to target server" stage in the Transaction Map diagram, then click the "Show Curl" button on the "Request sent to target server" column in the Phase Details pane. (MGMT-2589)

Data masking special characters

When using data masking to mask sensitive data in JSON payloads, special characters such as $, *, and { can now be masked. (APIRT-1727)

| (pipe) and = characters in analytics custom reports

Analytics custom report definitions support the use of | (pipe) and = symbols. Prior to this, %7C and %3D encoding needed to be used for those symbols. (MGMT-2504)

Monetization: Rate Plan name and ID in summary reports

When generating a summary revenue report with the management API, you can add "Rate Plan" name and rate "Plan ID" columns to the report. To do this, add "RATEPLAN" as a groupBy attribute in the API call, as described in Create reports. (Note that this feature is not yet available in the monetization report UI.) In detail reports, the existing rate plan name and ID columns are now located near the front of the report along with the other grouping columns. (DEVRT-1740)

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
multiple A number of small bugs were fixed in the API proxy editor.
MGMT-2618 Frequent deployment problems
MGMT-2588 Developers history page executes html/code -- XSS persistence vulnerability
MGMT-2543 New proxy editor modifies XML in the <Payload> of AssignMessage policy, which breaks existing API proxies
MGMT-2521 Trace session hangs at times
MGMT-2519 Environment Configuration UI not working
AXAPP-1814 Custom variables (Statistics Collector policy) are not getting created in prod when zk curator is turned on
APIRT-1927 Invalid virtual host causes the router to not load config for the env
APIRT-1863 Deployment failure due to a white space in the bundle
APIRT-1823 API calls with POST bodies containing & (ampersand) characters hang
APIRT-1789 Message processors for certain orgs experiencing out-of-memory errors
APIRT-1776 Calling "print" in JavaScript policies causes excessive logging
APIRT-1766 Timeouts on WebSockets
APIRT-1600 ConcurrentModificationException in router
Router logs showed multiple instances of ConcurrentModification in the logs on a regular basis. The reason for this was connections were being added to the reaper list while the reaper was removing older connections. This issue has been fixed.
APIRT-1491 503 service unavailable exception
APIRT-1421 JavaCallout policies intermittently taking long times to process
DEVRT-1843 Mint UI should support updating custom attributes in TRP better
DEVRT-1472 Updating developer resulted in 500 server error