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On Monday, August 24, 2015, we released a new cloud version of Developer Services Portal.

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Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
DEVSOL-1801 Company Developers cannot export Performance data
Users added to a company can now export analytics reports. Before this fix, exporting an analytics report on an app would give an access denied error.
DEVSOL-1791 Remove navbar module and Modernizr, Backbone, and Underscore libraries
The Navbar module has been removed from the Dev Portal Drupal distribution, as well as the JavaScript libraries it depended on: Modernizr, Backbone and Underscore. Sites which had this module enabled should instead enable the "Administration menu" (admin_menu) module. For responsive enhancements, the "Administration menu Adminimal Theme" module should also be enabled.
DEVSOL-1780 DevConnect default timeout should be higher than 15 seconds
Default timeout to Edge MGMT server is now 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds.
DEVSOL-1708 Do not configure Rubik as admin theme for new installs
Sites using Rubik as the administrative theme will be automatically migrated to using Adminimal as the administrative theme, because there are a number of upstream issues with Rubik which block access to certain administrative tasks.
DEVSOL-1706 Add hooks to allow users be omitted from developer sync
A new hook was exposed (hook_devconnect_user_is_developer) which allows custom modules to exclude users from being saved to Edge when the user is created/updated. A tag was added to the query which selects users for mass sync with Edge. To exclude users from Developer Sync, a custom module should implement hook_query_TAG_alter for the tag of 'devconnect_user_sync'.
DEVSOL-1703 Modifying Permissions on Method Listing page for SmartDocs
Viewing permissions set on the SmartDocs method listing views are now honored.
DEVSOL-1697 Alert admin users on SmartDocs method-edit page when Resource-level params are set
When editing a SmartDocs method in the Drupal UI, if parameters are defined at the Resource level, a note indicating this is displayed on the method-edit form, in order to reduce confusion.
DEVSOL-1695 Model "Docs & Sandbox" is displayed as "Docs & Sandbox"
Models with special characters like '&' are now displayed properly on the administration screens.
DEVSOL-1688 SmartDocs error description is max 255 characters long
SmartDocs error descriptions may now be of virtually unlimited length.
DEVSOL-1658 SmartDoc not showing successful responses information in the generated method node
Nested object references in request body are now expanded correctly
DEVSOL-1635 Sporadic error 503 on portal due to devconnect module
In order to reduce the possibility of page timeouts, automated rebuilding of potentially huge Developer and Developer-App caches was removed. Views functionality which relied on these caches was also removed.
DEVSOL-1619 SmartDoc API header param is not editable if it is not required and has no defined options
A bug was fixed on SmartDocs method pages in which header parameters could not be edited unless they were either required or had a defined option list.
DEVSOL-1614 Make sure model URL is trimmed when importing into SmartDocs
When importing using a URL in SmartDocs, the string is trimmed of whitespace to avoid copy/paste user issues.
DEVSOL-1600 No context for admins to edit model method listing page in SmartDocs
When logged in as an administrator or other user with permissions to edit views, method listing pages for a model now display a contextual drop-down menu to edit the view generating the page.
DEVSOL-1589 Exporting SmartDocs model throws WSOL type error
Added better error handling and error message if you try to export a model that has no revisions.
DEVSOL-1582 Getting "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later." when editing SmartDocs error fields
When present, the HTTP code for a SmartDocs error must be an integer value between 100 and 599.
DEVSOL-1517 Cannot set a default value for a method param in SmartDocs
When editing a SmartDocs method in the Drupal admin UI, default values for parameters may now be specified.
DEVSOL-1448 Fix DevConnect user settings
Dev Portal User settings at /admin/config/devconnect/user-attributes is now more user friendly. Added help, fixed minor bugs.
DEVSOL-1366 HTML encoding issues for app attributes
Certain app attributes, including the Display Name of apps, were being HTML-encoded before being saved to Edge, and again being HTML-encoded when displayed to end users, resulting in HTML entities being displayed instead of special characters such as apersands, apostrophes, etc. Admins can now choose to rebuild developer-app attributes to remove the extra HTML-encoding.
DEVSOL-782 Replace the phrase "Top up" on the Dev Portal
When adding money to your monetization account, the wording has changed from using the phrase "top up" to "add money to your account".

Known issues

The following are the known issues in this release.

Issue ID Description

Limit the number of methods in a SmartDocs model
In this release of the portal, for performance reasons, a SmartDocs model should not contain more than 30 methods.