21.03.08 - Apigee Edge for Public Cloud release notes

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On the following dates, we began releasing component updates to Apigee Edge for Public Cloud:

  • Router: Monday, May 31, 2021
  • Management Server: Tuesday, June 15, 2021
  • Message Processor: Wednesday, June 30, 2021
  • Message Processor: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

New features and updates

Following are the new features and updates in this release.

New org-level flag to restrict user permissions for Audits resource

A new org-level flag was added: isAuditEnabledOnlyForOrgAdmin. If this flag is set to true for a specific org, then only OrgAdmin users can access the Audits resource. This feature allows customers to turn off audits for all user roles except OrgAdmin. Default is the existing behavior.

The identity transfer encoding is no longer supported

Requests with Transfer-Encoding: identity will now receive an HTTP 501 response.

New property for Message Processor

We have introduced a new property for Message Processor that you can use to configure proxy forwarding to a backend server: conf_http_HTTPClient.use.proxy.host.header.with.target.uri. The property sets the target host and port as a HOST header.

Health Check ID Header

When using a HealthMonitor, and specifically an HTTP Monitor, it is now possible to configure the health check requests to include an HTTP Header with a well-known name, which gets a unique, dynamically assigned value for each health check request.

Support for property sets in Apigee Edge

Property sets are now supported in Apigee Edge. See Using property sets.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Component Name Description
151688733 Management Server

An issue was fixed where a 409 HTTP status was returned in some cases when trying to fetch audit logs.

161767761 Management Server

An issue was fixed where the request body was not logged correctly for some requests in audit logs.

162300761 Management Server

An issue was fixed where if an OpenAPI definition did not return valid JSON or YAML, an exception was thrown that exposed parts of the target response.

172081319 Management Server

An issue was fixed where users were able to assign user roles to their accounts, allowing access to orgs they did not own. With this fix, such operations are not allowed.

174925913 Management Server

An issue was fixed where users could not update existing KVM entries whose names started with '/'. This change allows such updates.

180874323 Management Server

An issue was fixed where it was possible for the revision numbers of removed proxy revisions to be persisted. This fix allows users to forcibly remove those dangling revision numbers.

67780911 Message Processor

An issue was fixed where the flow variable responsecache.cachesource was set as L2 even if there was a cache miss.

184967588 Message Processor

An issue was fixed where the Quota policy's rollingwindow type reset prematurely if the <Distributed> element was set to true and the <Synchronous> element to false.

(In 10/19/21 patch release.)

77021457 Message Processor

An issue was fixed where setting override to false in the Put operation would only work properly if the entry was in the cache. Now, if the override attribute is false, the entry will not be overridden, regardless of whether it is in the cache or not.

119911660 Message Processor

A Service Callout policy issue was fixed so that when clearPayload is true, the request message will be removed from the message context.

120421482 Message Processor

Additional checks were added during KVM creation to validate if the specified environment exists.

140911291 Message Processor

An issue was fixed where messages containing newlines logged over syslog by the MessageLogging policy were not broken into multiple lines when TCP was used. Now, newlines are treated as expected.

143086035 Message Processor

An issue was fixed where the Health Monitor ignored the value of <HttpMonitor>.<Request>.<isSSL> and where the target server determined whether health checks were HTTP or HTTPS.

Now the value of <HttpMonitor>.<Request>.<isSSL> will enable or disable mTLS in health checks independent of whether it is enabled in the target server.

144017075 Message Processor

Prevent accidental modification of an object in the L1 cache.

When an object is placed or retrieved to or from the L1 cache, a copy is placed or retrieved instead.

150594487 Message Processor

An issue was fixed that caused the entire Message Processor bootstrap to fail when trying to load a corrupt jar file.

157468872 Message Processor

Stale value in KVM after expiry is decreased.

An issue was fixed where ExpiryTimeInSecs in KeyValueMapOperations was changed to a smaller value while the old expiry was retained and a stale KVM value was returned.

160648174 Message Processor

RaiseFault validates the Name in any AssignVariable

When the RaiseFault policy includes an AssignVariable element, the policy now validates that the Name is non-empty.

161390503 Message Processor

Correct ref handling in HMAC Message

The HMAC policy now correctly handles the case when the referenced variable for the Message element is unset: it throws a Fault with a message indicating that a referenced variable cannot be resolved.

162320407 Message Processor

An issue was fixed where client certificates were not sent, even though clientauthenabled was set in the target server.

164466716 Message Processor

The SetVariableFailed exception behavior was fixed for the KeyValueMapOperations policy.

Previously, the SetVariableFailed exception would not occur if the encrypted entry was still in the cache. This behavior has been fixed. Now, the exception occurs if the encrypted entry is accessed without a private prefix, regardless of whether it's in the cache or not.

165421271 Message Processor

An issue was fixed where non-string JSON values in payloads were converted to strings in the Debug tool.

168082009 Message Processor

The flow variable developer.app.id was added for the GetAuthV2Info policy

The flow variable developer.app.id was not accessible while using GetAuthV2Info. It has now been added to the set of runtime flow variables for this policy.

173003882 Message Processor

An issue was fixed where a proxy with the AssignMessage policy failed to deploy when a name was not specified for headers and other elements.

177676554 Message Processor

Prevent two policies from executing in parallel.

In some limited cases, if the Message Processor encountered an error in the target response, it could allow two or more policies to execute in parallel. This would appear in the Debug tool as policies executing out of order or in the wrong flow.