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On Friday, June 6, 2014, we released a new patch for the on-premises version of Apigee Edge.

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New features and enhancements

Following are the new features and enhancements in this release.

  • JMS for multi-datacenter deployments
    JMS listeners are now deployed to all routers, allowing inbound JMS endpoints to be deployed in multi-datacenter environment.
  • Connection handling
    Edge provides better client and internal connection handling for scenarios involving high concurrency and backend service timeouts.
  • Beta trace enhancements
    The beta trace feature for API proxies includes the following features:
    • For API proxies containing conditional flows, True and False icons indicate whether conditions evaluated to true or false.
    • An enhanced transaction timeline view allocates less visual space to elements that take less than 1% of the total time, allowing more elements to be shown.
    • A new icon badge indicates when a policy was skipped because the step condition evaluated to false.
    • Informational tooltips appear when you hover the mouse pointer over policies in the Transaction Map.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Topic Description
Multiple virtual hosts An issue preventing multiple virtual hosts from using the same port has been fixed.
Unreachable routers and JMS When a router was set to be unreachable (reachable=false), it was still processing JMS messages. Now, routers set to reachable=false are unsubscribed from the JMS queues for all deployed JMS API proxies.
JMS reconnection After a long period in which a JMS provider was unavailable, JMS reconnection was not occurring. This issue has been fixed.
Message processor shutdown Shutting down message processors sometimes caused clients to remain in a hanging state or receive 503 errors. This issue has been fixed.
IBM WebSphere connection An error during connection to IBM WebSphere JMS has been fixed.
Proxy deployment errors in UI Changing and saving deployed proxies sometimes resulted in errors in the Edge management UI. This issue has been fixed.
Custom roles beta: API creation An issue preventing users in a custom role from uploading API proxy bundles has been fixed.
Custom roles beta: read-only rights Users in a custom role with read-only rights were seeing the following message: "Error while Seeing if the organization has Developers." The issue has been fixed.
Beta Trace: server port number In the API proxy editor, when working with a proxy URL containing a port number, switching to the Trace view removed the port number from the URL. This issue has been fixed.
Beta Trace: IP address In API proxy trace sessions, if a target server is defined with an IP address, the transaction details now display the target server IP address rather than labeling it as "undefined".