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On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, we released a patch for the on-premises version of Apigee Edge.

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Upgrade patch

This release contains schema updates for Cassandra.

After upgrading to Edge version 4.15.01 from version 4.14.07, install this patch on top of version 4.15.01.

You do not have to install this patch for a new install, only for an upgrade install from 4.14.07.


  1. Upgrade Edge version 4.14.07 to version 4.15.01.
  2. Unzip the opdk-patch-
    You see 2 files: patch-install, README.txt


  1. On any one Cassandra nodes run the following script:
    > patch-install.sh -r <install_root>
    where <install_root> is the Edge installation directory, and is typically /opt.