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On Thursday, March 24, 2016, we released a version of Apigee Edge Developer Services Portal for Private Cloud.

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For a list of all Apigee Edge release notes, see Apigee Release Notes.

Apigee Edge requirements for the portal

If you are connecting this release of the portal to an installation of Edge for Private Cloud, then you must connect it to version or later to ensure that all SmartDocs features are supported. See - Apigee Edge for Private Cloud release notes for more.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description

SmartDocs methods interactions broken by critical error code in model.js
Fixes a JavaScript bug which occurred when determining the content-type of PUT, PATCH, and POST requests for SmartDocs methods.

Also fixes a regression bug in the default SmartDocs template. For PUT, PATCH, or POST methods which declared body parameters, AND which also had body documentation and/or a sample body, both the parameter fields and the raw body field would be displayed to the user, and the resulting form submission would be sent as multipart/form-data instead of the correct content type. This bug was introduced in release Users experiencing this issue should revert their model's template to the current default version.


Enhance error messages at profile install when error number < 100
On the Devconnect admin page, when testing the Apigee Edge connection, if a non-HTTP error message is generated (for example, unable to resolve hostname or connection timeout), a more descriptive error message is now displayed.


Cannot export a SmartDocs revision other than most recent
The selected SmartDocs revision is now exported.


Content-Type error when multiple types are allowed
A SmartDocs method supporting multiple content types will no longer send a concatenation of all supported content-types in the Content-Type header.


devconnect_apiproduct_access module fails when revoking access for all roles for an API product
"DevConnect Limit API Product by Role" will no longer assign API product access to all logged-in users when an admin revokes access from all roles.


Developer portal in Debug mode does not display REST calls
All REST calls to the Apigee Edge backend are now logged when the Edge logging threshold is set to Debug.


Rendering SmartDocs methods results in warning messages
The body (description) of a SmartDocs method is now rendered correctly, without PHP warnings.


SmartDocs Settings page not accessible
You can now access the Settings page for a SmartDocs model from the drop-down box on the model listing admin page, regardless of whether the model's methods have been rendered.


Deprecated contrib modules
A number of contrib modules have been deprecated and will be removed from Apigee's Dev Portal Drupal distribution in the future. These modules will be marked Deprecated on the module listing page. Logged-in admin users of customers who have one or more of these modules enabled will see a warning message, with a link to a page giving instructions on how to move their code references from the Apigee profile to a site-specific location. Once disabled, the deprecated modules can no longer be enabled without placing a copy of the deprecated module under /sites/all/modules.


Key expiration not working in developer portal
Newly generated keys are now assigned an expiration date when API key lifetime is set.


FAQ: Back to top does not work
With the latest Drupal FAQ Module, the FAQ "back to top" link now works.


Contrib modules updated
The following contrib modules are updated to the latest stable version:

  • CKEditor Link
  • Display Suite
  • Link
  • Metatag
  • Services
  • WYSIWYG Filter
Note: Use of the Display Suite module is not recommended. Display Suite is not compatible with SmartDocs. The Display Suite module is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

SmartDocs template should not be updated when importing a model
In earlier versions, a model template was reverted to the default template every time a new revision was imported. SmartDocs will no longer replace the template when a new revision is imported. This will allow you to use a custom template and not have it revert back to the default template whenever you import a new version.


Change all UI references to Swagger to "OpenAPI (Swagger)"
All textual references to Swagger in the SmartDocs administrative UI have been changed to OpenAPI to reflect the industry standard's new name.


Special characters are not accepted on SmartDocs page (query, header, or body params)
API calls from SmartDocs method pages will no longer hang if a percent sign (%) is entered as a parameter value.


Replacement Patterns not working correctly in email template
Certain developer app tokens (including app ID) now return scalar values when invoked by Rules actions, such as sending email.


In the list of apps and keys, there is no visual indication that a key is expired
Developer apps with expired keys are marked "Expired" when using the Apigee Responsive theme (or a theme that is a subtheme of Apigee Responsive).


Swagger Enum values are not in dropdown in SmartDocs method page
Imported Swagger documents whose resource or method parameters contain enums now result in SmartDocs method pages containing drop-down boxes instead of free-form text fields.

Known issues

The following table lists the known issues with this release.

Issue ID Description

Installation fails after registering RedHat
If a RedHat server is not registered with RedHat, then you will be prompted to register. Even if you register successfully, the installer exits with a failure notice.

Workaround: Run the installer again.