API BaaS End of Life

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The API BaaS has reached end of life (EOL) (effective June 30, 2019). API BaaS in the cloud is no longer available. You can no longer administer or develop on API BaaS in the cloud, and client applications cannot make calls to API BaaS services. All data from API BaaS is being deleted. Apigee no longer provides support for API BaaS or Apache Usergrid issues.

For Private Cloud customers, while the product may continue to function, it will not have any updates (including any security patches) going forward, and Apigee Support will no longer assist customers with any issues related to API BaaS.

Why are we retiring API BaaS?

When Apigee launched Apigee API BaaS (based on the open source Apache Usergrid) in 2012, it provided solutions to many challenges for mobile app developers. Now that Apigee is part of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you can take advantage of a variety of best-in-class, widely adopted technologies for each of the use cases that Apigee API BaaS addressed.

What are the GCP alternatives to API BaaS?

GCP has a number of database solutions for customers to consider, which provide a range of solutions that go well beyond the capabilities of Apigee API BaaS.

  • Google Cloud Platform Cloud SQL Postgres is an alternative database solution that offers the most similar functionality to API BaaS for JSON blobs, and it also has a relational database capability. If you are considering retaining that structure of your data, you should consider this solution.

  • GCP also has a host of other database solutions including Cloud Firestore, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner, and Firebase Cloud Messaging, which provide a range of solutions that go well-beyond the capabilities of Apigee API BaaS.

You should determine if one or more such solutions meet your needs.

What other options are available for API BaaS users?

Our partners, Intelliswift Software and EPAM, are available for both Private Cloud and Public Cloud customers. Their services are independent of Google, and would need to work with them directly. Intelliswift plans to provide Intelliswift Usergrid, their hosted version of Apache Usergrid (similar to API BaaS) for customers who wish to stay with a similar solution to API BaaS. For more information or to contact these companies, please email Intelliswift at usergrid@intelliswift.com and EPAM at WFBGCPPartnership@epam.com.

Is the source code of API BaaS 4.18.01 shared with Private Cloud customers?

No, Apigee will not open source 4.18.01 source code or Apigee BaaS portal other than what has already been done as a part of Apache Usergrid.