1.5.1 - Apigee Sense release notes

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New features and enhancements

Ability to view and customize rules for detecting unwanted client requests

This release adds the ability to customize the rules that Apigee Sense uses to detect unwanted requests.

You can customize Apigee Sense detection rules to ensure that you're catching only those requests that might be unwanted. Apigee Sense detection rules define patterns that represent possibly unwanted client requests.

For more about the feature, see Customizing detection rules.

Improved performance

The console user interface is more responsive under load.

Bugs fixed

Support for case insensitive user name

Email address checks at login are no longer case sensitive.

Fix for clickjacking vulnerability

Script was added to resolve the vulnerability.

IP validation at UI before creating protection rule

IP addresses are now validated in the user interface before they are used to submit a protection rule.