19.08.15 - Apigee API Security Reporting release notes

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On Thursday, August 15, 2019 we began releasing the Beta version of Apigee API security reporting for Public Cloud.

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New Features

Along with a number of bug fixes, the following new features were added to this release.

Updated Overview report screen

The Overview security report has been redesigned to include information about potentially sensitive operations performed by users. Now you use this screen to view:

  • Total traffic from clients to proxies, by environment.
  • Traffic over time by region.
  • Potentially sensitive operations performed by users (Organization Administrators only).

See Overview reports for more.

Renamed and updated the Configuration report screen

The Configuration security report has been renamed to Compliance to better describe its use.

In addition, the Compliance security report now shows the number of security policies and shared flows contained in an API proxy.

See Compliance reports for more.

User Activity report added

The new User Activity report helps you protect sensitive data by providing insights into user access and behavior, letting you monitor who in your organization is accessing and exporting sensitive information, and identifying suspicious behavior.

Only Organization Administrators can access this UI page. No other roles, including Read-Only Organization Administrator, can access this page.

See User Activity reports for more.

New APIs added

New APIs have been added to support the new Beta features. See API Security Reporting for a complete list of APIs.

Change to existing features

The following features were changed from the previous release.

Gets policy usage information API has been removed

The API to get policy usage information has been removed and is no longer supported. This API had the following URL:

Known issues

The following table lists known issues in this release:
Issue ID Description

Number of logins not correct

The number of logins shown on the User Activity page can be incorrect.