2.1.1 - Apigee Edge / Cloud Foundry Integration release notes

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New features and enhancements

Specify target connection protocol from the command line

The bind-route-service command now supports a protocol argument for specifying whether your API proxy's endpoint is reached via HTTP or HTTPS. Previously, you had to manually change the protocol after generating the proxy.

cf bind-route-service <your-app-domain> <service-instance> [--hostname <hostname>] \
-c '{"org":"<your edge org>","env":"<your edge env>",
    "bearer":"'<authentication-token-file>'" | "basic":"<encoded-username-password>" | "<username>:<password>",
    "action":"proxy"|"bind"|"proxy bind",

Bugs fixed

Unable to deploy to multiple availability zone environment

This release fixes an issue in deploying the Apigee Edge tile to a multiple availability zone environment by requiring metadata version 1.8.

Additional documentation

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