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On Thursday, October 22, 2015, we released a new patch for Apigee Edge for Private Cloud.

Upgrade order for a two Data Center installation

If you are upgrading an installation with two Data Centers, then upgrade the components in the following order:

  1. Qpid Data Center 1
  2. Qpid Data Center 2
  3. Postgres Data Center 1
  4. Postgres Data Center 2
  5. Management Server Data Center 1
  6. Management Server Data Center 2
  7. Router/Message Processor Data Center 1
  8. Router/Message Processor Data Center 2

Removing the extra "gateway" pod on upgrade to

This release includes a script that fixes issue OPDK-1878. For that issue, if your previous installation of Edge changed the name of the gateway pod from the default value of "gateway", then the upgrade script automatically added a new pod called "gateway" to your installation, along with the pod that you created.

Determining if you are affected

This issue is most likely to have occurred in an environment with multiple data centers, where you created gateway pods with different names in each data center, such as "gateway-1" and "gateway-2". If you used the default name of the gateway pod, "gateway", then you will not be affected by this issue.

To determine the pods in a region, use the following cURL command:

> curl -u sysAdminEmail:PW http://<ms_IP>:8080/v1/regions/dc-1/pods

where ms_IP is the IP address or DNS name of the Edge Management Server, and dc-1 is the name of the region. This command returns an array containing all pod names in the region.

If you run this command before the upgrade, and you renamed the "gateway" pod, you will see results in the form:

[ "gateway-1", "analytics", "central" ]

If you run this command after upgrading to, the results now include the "gateway" pod:

[ "gateway-1", "gateway", "analytics", "central" ]

If you do not know the names of your regions, use the command:

> curl -u sysAdminEmail:PW http://<ms_IP>:8080/v1/regions

Applying the patch script

The patch includes the delete-gw-pod.sh script that removes the extra pod created by the upgrade.

The delete-gw-pod.sh script:

  • Removes all Edge components from the "gateway" pod, or the pod you specify.
  • Disassociates any organizations from the pod.
  • Deletes the pod.

To run this script:

  1. Install the patch.
  2. Backup all ZooKeeper nodes. See the Edge Operations Guide for more information.
  3. On any Management Server node, run the delete-gw-pod.sh script to delete the "gateway" pod created by the upgrader:

    > /<instal_dir>/apigee4/bin/delete-gw-pod.sh

    The script prompts you for the system admin password.

    If you do not specify any command-line options to the script, it loops through all regions to identify any multiples of the gateway pod. It then prompts you to delete one, defaulting to the "gateway" pod.

    You can pass command-line options to the delete-gw-pod.sh script. For example, if you pass a pod name and region, it deletes just that pod in that region. It then asks if you want to check all regions.

You can pass the following parameters to the delete-gw-pod.sh script:

  • -P <System admin password>
  • -a <Admin email, defaults to the value of ADMIN_EMAIL in apigee_env.sh>
  • -H <Management Server host, defaults to the value of MSIP in apigee_env.sh>
  • -r <Region to search for the "gateway" pod>
  • -p <Gateway pod name. Defaults to "gateway">
  • -y <Suppress warning>

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
OPDK-1927 Monetization upgrade missing tables; duplicate indexes being created
OPDK-1878 Changing the gateway POD name in setup causes issues
OPDK-1886 Node cannot access local IP addresses such as 192.168.x.y
MGMT-2353 Delete button on the custom reports list page only works once
MGMT-2521 Trace session hangs at times
MGMT-2543 New proxy editor modifies XML in the <Payload> of AssignMessage policy, which breaks existing API proxies
MGMT-2581 DIsable HTTP trace method on all management ports
MGMT-2599 New Proxy Editor restores namespace prefix after you delete it
MGMT-2616 New API proxy editor does not handle XML entities correctly
MGMT-2618 Deployment problems due to "Error creating directory for path"
MGMT-2702 Cross-site security vulnerability for FireFox and IE
DEVRT-1942 Monetization upgrade missing tables; duplicate indexes being created
APIRT-1074 Gzipped content not handled properly when Connection: Close header is sent without Content-Length or Transfer-Encoding headers