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On Wednesday, December 24, 2015, we released a new version of Apigee Edge for Private Cloud.

Installing this release

Previously, the install process for a .X release of Edge required you to do a "patch install". For example, to install the release, you had to install, and then install every intermediate release up to That meant you had to install:


As of this release,, you no longer have to install every intermediate release of Edge. Instead, you only have to install For example:

  • If you are a new Edge customer: Install Edge as described in the Edge Install and Configuration Guide.
  • If you are upgrading from Edge version 4.14.04.x or later: Directly upgrade to version as described in the upgrade procedure in the Edge Install and Configuration Guide.
  • If you are upgrading from Edge version 4.14.01.x: You must first upgrade your installation to version 4.14.04.x, and then upgrade to version
  1. Download Edge 4.14.04.x, meaning the latest version of 4.14.04.x, and upgrade to 4.14.04.x.
  2. Download Edge and upgrade from version 4.14.04.x to
  • If you are upgrading from Edge version 4.22.6.x or earlier: Contact Apigee Support.

Support added for RedHat, CentOS, and Oracle 6.7

This release adds support for RedHat Enterprise Linux version 6.7, CentOS version 6.7, and Oracle Linux version 6.7.

For a complete list of system requirements, see Supported software and supported versions.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
APIRT-1600 ConcurrentModificationException in Router logs
APIRT-1734 Zero downtime resource file updates at org/env level
APIRT-1820 Intermittent latency (> 1%) in 4.15.04 Private Cloud environment
APIRT-2159 Add message_id to the logging prefix
APIRT-2160 Exclude the SSL handshake from request_processing_latency in analytics data
AXAPP-1882 Consumer watcher thread connects to wrong queue in active/active deployment
AXAPP-1946 Data moves to parent fact table instead of child fact table when in timezone other than UTC
MGMT-1590 Fixed a security vulnerability
MGMT-1662 Deployment fails during release
MGMT-2361 Deployment of proxies fails with RPCException: Call timed out
MGMT-2397 Code view is not parsing end of line characters correctly
MGMT-2466 Cluster check against Message Processor shows non-reachable Router as CONNECTED member
OPDK-1981 backup-cassandra.sh does not backup the system keyspace
OPDK-1982 apigee-upgrade.sh needs to check Cassandra SSTable version before upgrade


API Description
QPID queue check You can no longer use an API to check QPID queues
You can no longer check for queues that are created on the QPID Server by issuing the following CURL commands:
curl http:// <qpid_IP>:8083/v1/servers/self/queues
That API has been deprecated.

Open Issues

This release contains the following open issues:

Issue ID Description
OPDK-2343 Properties files modified during upgrade
Several properties files can be overridden during upgrade. The list of files includes:
  • Management Server: /<install-dir>/apigee4/conf/apigee/management-server/security.properies
  • ?Edge UI: /<install-dir>/apigee4/conf/ui/apigee-base.conf
  • ?Message Processor: /<install-dir>/apigee4/conf/apigee/message-processor/http.properties
  • ?Router: /<install-dir>/apigee4/conf/apigee/router/system.properties

Ensure that you back up any properties files that you have modified before performing an upgrade.