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14.05.14 - Apigee Developer Services Portal Release Notes

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On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, we released version 14.05.14 of the Apigee Developer Services portal for the cloud only.

If you have questions, go to Apigee Customer Support.

New features

This release of the cloud version of the Apigee Developer Services portal contains the following new features:

  • SMTP server required
    The developer portal now requires that you configure an SMTP server to send email messages. You can no longer use the Apigee default email server. See Configuring email for more.
  • Export SmartDocs model
    You can now export the SmartDocs model to a file. You can edit the file, and then reimport it to create a new version of your model. See Using SmartDocs to document APIs for more.
  • Default app creation on user registration
    When a new user registers an account on the portal, you can now configure the portal to automatically create a default app for the user. See Add and manage user accounts for more.
  • Use "API" instead of "App" on the portal
    Some site do not want to use the term "app" and instead want to use "API". You can now configure the portal to replace the term "app" with "API". For example, after making this change, developers have a page called "My APIs" instead of "My Apps". However, the information displayed on the page is the same as for when the page was called "My Apps". See Customize the appearance for more.
  • Limit the "APIs" view on the home page to five items
    The SmartDocs "APIs" view on the home page of the portal is limited to showing five APIs. See Using SmartDocs to document APIs for more.

Bug fixes

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Topic Description
DevConnect user pages Various bug fixes to DevConnect user pages.
Performance improvements Implemented several performance improvements.