Getting started

API BaaS features

Get an overview of all the available API BaaS features that power your app.

Data model

Learn about how data is modeled and stored in the API BaaS data store.

API reference

See a full list of REST endpoints that define the API BaaS service.

Sandbox application

Use your account's default 'sandbox' application to start hitting the API now.

API BaaS documentation

Push notifications

Send 10 million push notifications per month for free to increase user engagement with targeted offers, announcements, and more.

Security & authentication

Use OAuth 2.0-compliant login and token authentication, and define custom permissions to ensure data security and access control.

User management & social graph

Build complex social graphs, setup secure registration, offer activity feeds, and manage user accounts to create a rich user experience.

Asset storage & management

Store, organize, and retrieve images, audio, video, and other assets as binary data. No messing with CDNs. Just a few simple API calls.

Data storage

Store all your app data as JSON objects in our distributed, high-availability NoSQL data store. 10GB of storage is absolutely free.


Take advantage of location-aware mobile devices to ensure your users are always presented the most relevant content and offers.

Events & counters

Log and track custom events to record and analyze every aspect of the user experience and interaction with your app.

Download the Apigee SDK

Add API BaaS features to your app fast with our SDKs.