Push notifications overview


Reach your users with push

With the new push notifications feature in the Apigee API BaaS, you can send announcements to your app's users.

  • Reach your app's users with messages they care about.
  • Keep your app footprint low while communicating in a high-value way with your app's users.

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Getting started

Sample app tutorial

Build your first push-enabled app using an Apigee sample.

Introduction & prerequisites

A video and introduction.

Build push support

Setting up push notifications support

Connect Apple, Google, or Microsoft with Apigee and your app.

Register your app

Register with Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

Create a notifier

Your application uses this to send messages.

Register client devices

Your app code registers to receive notifications.

Send and manage notifications

You can do this from app code or the admin portal.

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Troubleshoot your push support

Things don't work as you expect?