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On Friday, February 28, 2014, we released a new patch for the on-premises version of Apigee Edge.

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Known issues

Issue Description
Trace stops working after applying the patch

After applying OPDK patch R14.01.04, trace might stop working. To avoid this situation, after you apply the patch, update two config files:

  1. For UI servers only, insert into the /opt/apigee4/conf/ui/apigee.conf file:

    apigee.trace.tracesize = 5120
  2. For management servers only, insert into the /opt/apigee4/conf/apigee/management-server/system.properties file:

  3. After making these changes, restart the Apigee processes.

Note: If you want the new trace functionality to be enabled by default in your OPDK, then in the apigee.conf file, set:

apigee.feature.traceVersionDefault2014 = true

Bugs fixed

Topic Description
Importing a WSDL

Importing a WSDL containing wrapped arrays now works as expected.

Importing a WSDL no longer hangs without completion.

Importing a WSDL no longer generates the error:

Error: No namespace declared for 'xsns:nameSpace'
Role based access control You can now limit users to only seeing API products created by users in a particular custom role.
JMS Proxy

You can now specify the JMS headers JMSDeliveryMode and JMSExpiration using an AssignMessage policy in an API proxy. Time for JMSExpiration is epoch time in ms. JMSDeliveryMode takes a value of 1 (Non Persistent) or 2 (Persistent).

API Analytics The analytics for the top performing API's now appears when examining the API in the Edge management UI.
Edge management UI

An app that is in a company is now selectable in the Publish > Developer Apps page of the Edge management UI.

The Edge management UI now displays items correctly when a user is assigned to a custom role.

Organization roles can no longer be accessed in an organization if Organization roles are disabled for that organization.

API proxies API proxies that have a role associated with them can now be traced.
Analytics install You can now install Analytics as a non-root user.
Security Fixed a security vulnerability in the Edge management UI.