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On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, we released a new cloud version of Developer Services Portal.

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For a list of all Apigee Edge release notes, see Apigee Release Notes.

New system requirement

If you have enabled the Redis module, then you must upgrade PHP to version 5.5.

To update your version of PHP, open your Pantheon dashboard and select the Settings option in the upper-right corner. For more see Toggling Between PHP Versions.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description
DEVSOL-1653 Cannot delete a SmartDocs resource from the model page
Resources can now be deleted on the SmartDocs model-revision admin page by selecting the "Delete Resource" option from the resource dropdown list.
DEVSOL-1655 Delete Smartdocs method button does not work
A bug was fixed where deleting a SmartDocs method which had not yet been rendered to a Drupal node failed.
DEVSOL-1717 SmartDocs Views usability
Views generated by SmartDocs (and their individual displays) now display explanatory descriptions.
DEVSOL-1812 Invalid country code causes Dev Portal Pages to not load
In previous releases, the ISO country code was out of sync between Edge backend and Dev Portal. This would cause some pages to throw errors on Dev Portal if the country code did not exist on the front end. Dev Portal will no longer throw errors, but instead not show the country code if it is not found in the system.
DEVSOL-1820 On delete-model confirmation form, use display name instead of machine name
When deleting a SmartDocs model in the Dev Portal UI, the confirmation dialog now refers to the model by its display name rather than by its internal representation name.
DEVSOL-1822 Create report displaying orphaned SmartDocs nodes
A report has been added to the Dev Portal UI which displays information about any node rendered by SmartDocs which no longer refers to a valid method on the Modeling API. Access the report by selecting "Reports" in the Drupal menu, and then selecting the report named "SmartDocs node status".
DEVSOL-1836 Update JQuery Update to a stable version
jQuery Update module has been upgraded to the latest version which was released due to a security issue, read more: https://www.drupal.org/node/2507729
DEVSOL-1837 SmartDocs Resource dropdown hidden behind table with Adminimal theme
A display bug was fixed in which the dropdown menu specific to operations on SmartDocs revisions was hidden behind other elements in the Adminimal theme.
DEVSOL-1839 Improve SmartDocs HTML caching
Rendered HTML for SmartDocs nodes is now cached. The cache lifetime is configurable on the SmartDocs configuration page (Configuration ? SmartDocs ? Advanced Settings) with a default of 8 hours.
DEVSOL-1840 SmartDocs Update Error: Missing bundle property on entity of type file
Fixed issue where SmartDocs 7500 update would fail with message: "Missing bundle property on entity of type file."
DEVSOL-1846 SmartDocs Custom Template throws error during save
Fixed issue where saving a custom template for a SmartDocs model would throw errors in some scenarios.
DEVSOL-1847 SmartDocs Install Issue and no Warnings
Errors during the import of a SmartDocs model are now being displayed better to the end user.
DEVSOL-1848 Do not load bootstrap.css from apigee_responsive theme if viewing admin page using admin theme
Cosmetic issues on the SmartDocs revision detail page were fixed.
DEVSOL-1851 Make Swagger the default format for model importing
When importing a revision into a SmartDocs model, the default file format is now Swagger YAML.
DEVSOL-1853 Can't create an app if a user's email address is not lowercase in Monetization
Monetization Dev Portal no longer throws an error when creating an app when user has capital letters in their email address.

Update acl, encrypt, media, redis, services_views modules
The following Drupal contributed modules were updated:

  • Access Control List
  • Encrypt
  • Redis (requires PHP 5.5 as described above in the new system requirements)
  • Services Views
  • Media

Update faq module to 7.x-1.1

The FAQ module was upgraded to version 1.1. This is a feature release mostly enhancing multilingual support.