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On Monday, April 4th, 2016, we released a new cloud version of Developer Services Portal.

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Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Description

Update contrib modules and themes
The following contrib modules and themes were updated to latest stable upstream release:

  • Adminimal theme
  • Entity
  • Features
  • Menu Attributes
  • Services
  • XAutoload

SmartDocs: decodeURIComponent() fails for certain responses in model.js
For certain SmartDocs method pages, non-UTF-8 content returned from API calls was not parsed correctly by JavaScript, resulting in the "Waiting" message at the top of the page never going away. This issue has been fixed.


Move core Devconnect/SmartDocs functionality from themes to modules
Dev Portal module functionality is now exposed to themes other than Apigee Devconnect and Apigee Responsive.

While SmartDocs technically works in non-Bootstrap based themes such as Drupal's default theme Bartik, the user interface is less than desirable. Use of Bootstrap-derived themes is recommended for sites making use of SmartDocs.


apigee_company_apps has reference to undefined function devconnect_developer_apps_write_to_cache
The apigee_company module has been updated to remove references to cache-related functions that are no longer defined in the devconnect_developer_apps module.


Enable Developer Analytics module by default during new portal provisioning
Newly-provisioned portals will have developer app analytics enabled by default.


On app listing page, the Dev portal says "These are your apps" even when no apps are provisioned
When using the Apigee Responsive theme or a related subtheme, if the developer has no apps, the message on the developer-app listing page has been changed to reflect this status, from "These are your apps!" to "Looks like you don't have any apps."


Analytics Timepicker not working properly
The JavaScript date/time picker for developer app analytics was changed to a different implementation to fix broken functionality.


Apps are displayed in a random order on the list apps page
On the developer-apps listing page, apps are now listed in alphabetical order.