16.06.29 (UI) - Apigee Edge for Public Cloud release notes

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On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, we released a new version of Apigee Edge for Public Cloud.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Description
EDGEUI-600 Unable to view/edit roles for custom reports
EDGEUI-593 5- and 10-minute intervals removed from the analytics UI
Analytics data in the management UI doesn't appear for a minimum of 10 minutes after calls to API proxies are made. Because of this, the 10-minute range setting has been removed from custom reports, and the 5- and 10-minute range setting has been removed from the Performance view of API proxies.