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On Monday, April 23, a new cloud version of Developer Services Portal is ready for you to apply. See How do I apply Apigee updates to my developer portal in the public cloud?

Bugs fixed

The following bug is fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Component Name Description
78242885 Developer Portal - Drupal

My Apps page sometimes returns incomplete app list

Fixed issue where My Apps page would sometimes not list all apps that are part of a company which the developer can access.

78242941 Developer Portal - Drupal

Worldpay Payment displays wrong amount value

Fixed issue where Drupal commerce payment tab would show all Worldpay payments as 100 times the actual amount.

78242023 Developer Portal - Drupal

Display Suite - Critical - Cross site scripting (XSS) - SA-CONTRIB-2018-019

Display Suite module has been updated to version 2.15.

78241014 Developer Portal - Drupal

Custom path for SmartDocs template not available through url when access control is set.

Fixed issue when access control is set (for example, httpauth, private file system), the uploaded custom *.hbr template (admin/config/smartdocs) is not accessible through the url, therefore it's not used as the default template.

78241085 Developer Portal - Drupal

Improve tabs on User page

Fixed issue where tabs on user page would disappear, see: https://community.apigee.com/content/idea/54041/issue-in-devconnect-usermodule.html

72811470 Developer Portal - Drupal

SmartDocs Duplicate block SQL issue

Fix for "PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry" for block table when making changes to SmartDocs models.

72316452 Developer Portal - Drupal

Upgrade Drupal contrib modules for Private/Public cloud

The following modules were updated to latest versions:

  • ctools 1.13
  • field_group 1.6
  • media 2.16
  • media_youtube 3.6
  • views 3.18
  • wysiwyg_filter 7.x-1.6-rc9
  • util 1.1
  • apachesolr 1.9
  • google_analytics 2.4
  • i18n 1.22
  • ldap 2.3
  • legal 1.10
  • Redis 3.17
  • webform 4.16
  • file_entity 2.16
  • services_views 1.3
  • commerce 1.14
  • commerce 1.14
  • migrate 2.9
  • media_youtube 3.7