20.02.27 - Apigee API Monitoring release notes

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On Thursday, February 27, 2020 we began releasing a new version of Apigee API Monitoring for Public Cloud.

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New features

The following new features were added to this release.

New format for webhook notification object

If you specify a Webhook URL as the destination of an alert notification, the object sent to the URL has a new property: thresholdViolationsFormatted. The thresholdViolationsFormatted property contains an object describing the alert.

This new property is in addition to the existing thresholdViolations property. The thresholdViolations property contains a single string with the alert details. Typically you use the thresholdViolationsFormatted property because it is simpler to decode.

For example, on an alert the thresholdViolations property contains a string in the form:

  "Count0": "Duration=5 minutes Region=us-east1 Status Code=2xx Proxy=test-app Violation=sustained above 1.0"

While the new thresholdViolationsFormatted property contains an object in the form:

"thresholdViolations": [
  "metric": "count",
  "duration": "5 minutes",
  "region": "us-east1",
  "statusCode": "2xx",
  "proxy": "test-app",
  "violation": "sustained above 1.0"

See Webhook object format for a complete description of the object.