- Apigee Developer Services Portal Release Notes

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On Thursday, February 3, a new version of Drupal 7 developer portal is ready for you to apply. See How do I apply Apigee updates to my developer portal in the public cloud?

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Component Name Description
194823762 Developer Portal - Drupal

Drupal core upgrade 7.87

This release updates Drupal core to 7.87. For more information, see the Drupal Core release notes: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/releases/7.87.

191618004 Developer Portal - Drupal

Upgrade CKEditor library to 4.17.1

This release ugrades the CKEditor library to 4.17.1 due to a security update. See https://ckeditor.com/cke4/release-notes#:~:text=Contact%20us-,CKEditor%204.17.1,-Nov%2017/2021.