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On Tuesday, January 27, 2015, we released a new version of Apigee Edge on-premises.

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New features and enhancements

Following are the new features and enhancements in this release.

Feature Issue ID Description
Monetization plan and tax amounts in Developer Portal DEVRT-1260 Total plan amount, actual plan amount, and tax amount are now displayed when a user accepts a plan in the Developer Portal.
Balance transactions on monetization Refunds page DEVRT-1256 Balance transactions now display on the Monetization Refunds page.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Topic Issue ID Description
backup_ui_data_dir function in backup-ui.sh OPDK-742 The backup-ui.sh was missing a call to the backup_ui_data_dir function. This issue has been fixed.
Developer registering a purchased product DEVRT-1308 A developer can now register an application including a monetized product only if he has already purchased a plan that provides access to the monetized product.
Halt Execution option DEVRT-1280 Limits defined in the Halt Execution option were not working. This issue has been fixed. The option will now restrict impacted developers from sending API calls after the limit has been reached.
Minimum top-up amounts DEVRT-1261 You can now define a minimum top-up amount for an organization. Set this amount on the Organization Profile page.
Custom attribute-based rating for single-product rate plans DEVRT-1231 Single-product rate plans now continue to support rating based on custom attributes.
Billing documents working directory DEVRT-1217

The Billing documents working directory is now set using the following property setting in /opt/apigee4/conf/apigee/management-server/apix-mint.properties/apix-mint.properties:

mint.billing.doc.dir=/tmp/billingdocs (default)

Temp files are managed automatically with daily subdirectories. There will always be two sets of files: today’s and yesterday’s. This ensures that if an operation spans the midnight boundary, temp files that were just created will be available until the entire operation is complete. Older subdirectories are deleted.

To enable this automatic rollover to work as designed:

  1. Ensure that the directories are being created on a mount/directory that is suitable for storing temp files. For example, it should have lots of space and no backups/mirroring.
  2. Ensure that the process has write access to create its directories.
Terms and Conditions Effective Date calculation DEVRT-1210 The Terms and Conditions Effective Date was being calculated incorrectly. The date is now validated against the organization’s time zone.
Rate plan usage miscalculation DEVRT-1187 When a developer accepts the same volume-banded rate plan more than once in the same aggregation basis period, rate plan usage was being miscalculated. Rate plan usage is now calculated correctly.
Error saving new API Provider Notification DEVRT-1159 Saving an update to the “Developer signs up for new Rate Plan” API Provider notification no longer results in an error.
Billing and Revenue reports DEVRT-1117 Monetization summary reports for Billing and Revenue now include CHARGE transactions.
Monetization report timeout DEVRT-1095 You can now generate a Monetization report for all entities with transactions for a specific month without encountering a timeout.
CSV developer category name DEVRT-1081 A CSV file exported from Publish > Developers now lists the user-friendly developer category name.
Transaction Recording Policy enforcement DEVRT-1039 The Transaction Recording Policy requirement was not being enforced. Monetization now continues to require that a Transaction Recording Policy exist for a product before a rate plan can be defined for a package that contains the product.
Fixed Billing timeout DEVRT-987 Creation of a Fixed Billing document timed out after one minute for large payloads. Billing documents for single developers are now generated correctly. If you have not selected any developers and encounter a timeout, select some developers. If you have selected developers and encounter a timeout, select fewer developers.

Known issues

This release has the following known issues.

Topic Issue ID Description
Notification template variables DEVRT-1283 We are working on resolving known issues with the following notification template variables, which are not working as designed: