4.52.01 Edge for Private Cloud release notes

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On March 28, 2024, we released version 4.52.01 of the Edge for Private Cloud Feature Release.

Release summary

The following table summarizes the changes in this release:

New Features

This release includes the following new features:

For more information about this new feature, see New features.

Included Releases

Since the previous Edge for Private Cloud Feature Release, the following releases have occurred and are included in this release:

○ Edge:
22.10.12 (SSO)
23.07.13 (SSO)
23.04.25 (SSO)
24.03.26 (SSO)
Retirements None
Deprecations None
Known Issues

There are no known issues introduced in this release.

For more information about known issues, see Known issues.

Upgrade paths

For instructions on upgrading to Edge for Private Cloud 4.52.01, see Update Apigee Edge 4.51.00 or 4.52.00 to 4.52.01.

New features

This section lists new features in this release. Additionally, this release includes all features in the Edge UI, Edge Management, and Portal releases listed in Included Releases.

In addition to the following enhancements, this release also contains multiple usability, performance, security, and stability enhancements.

Issue ID Description

(Mint) Rework server properties to work on a per org basis for the new aggregation system.


(Mint) For Reports, we now handle dev_legal_name validation.


(Mint) Verify outstanding payments when fetching balance.


(Mint) Race condition improvements.


(Mint) Improved error messages.


(Mint) Enhanced Mint so Transaction Success Criteria based on txnProviderStatus can be optionally evaluated on Message Processors and transactions dropped if criteria fails.


(Mint) Products with trailing space will be skipped during sync as they cause failures in Mint.

Supported software

This release includes the following changes to supported software:

Support Added No Longer Supported

This release adds support the following software versions:

  • Zookeeper 3.8.3
  • Spring 5.3.20
  • Qpid Broker-J 8.0.6

The following software versions are no longer supported with this release:

  • QPID C++ 1.39.0

For a complete list of supported platforms, see Supported software and supported versions.

Bug fixes

This section lists the Private Cloud bugs that were fixed in this release. Additionally, this release includes all bug fixes in the Edge UI, Edge Management, and Portal releases shown in Included Releases.

Issue ID Description

Fixed an issue where, after enabling the property apigee.feature.enableCacheControlNoStore for the UI, some pages returned a response with the header Cache-Control: , no-store.


Fixed an issue with data masking.


Fixed issue causing incorrect target endpoint URLs to display in debug sessions.


Added fix to improvise the error message while performing a Zookeeper backup restore.


Fixed an issue where OASValidation schema inheritance with allOf was not working.


Fixed a Python vulnerability for exitVM.


Fixed a propagation bug and improved KVM debug logging for non-existent keys.


Added some constraints and indexes in postgres to make analytics processing more robust.


Fixed a minor regression in pre install script of apigee-postgresql where, under some conditions, taking backup of config files was failing.


(Mint) An issue was fixed for freemium where used up emails were not sent.


(Mint) An issue was fixed for notification Service Items service search.


(Mint) An issue with CRUD operations was fixed for Company apps with mixed case company and app name.


(Mint) Ignore new fields in a deprecated report.


(Mint) Sync Operation improvements were made.


(Mint) Fixed a fremium rate plan issue.


(Mint) A security issue was fixed.


(Mint) An issue was fixed where transaction status was hard coded in the query filter. Now if it is passed in input, it will take precedence.


(Mint) An issue was fixed with Validation of date fields in a Billing Report.


(Mint) Associate apps strongly with the developer/company.


(Mint) A security issue was fixed.


(Mint) Proxy createdBy field set to defaultUser for a Mint enabled org.


(Mint) An issue with updating a company was fixed.


(Mint) Fixed issue in App creation.


(Mint) Sync Operation improvements.

Security issues fixed

The following is a list of known security issues that have been fixed in this release. To avoid these issues, install the latest version of Edge for Private Cloud.

Issue ID Description
CVE-2020-15522 Addressed CVE-2020-15522.

Known issues

See Known issues with Edge for Private Cloud for a complete list of known issues.

Next step

To get started with Edge for Private Cloud 4.52.01, use the following links:

New installations:

New installation overview

Existing installations

Update Apigee Edge 4.51.00 or 4.52.00 to 4.52.01.