19.06.25 - Apigee Edge integrated portal release notes

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On Tuesday, June 25, we will begin releasing a new version of Apigee Edge integrated portal.

New features

The following sections summarize the new features in this release.

Require Callback URLs when registering apps

If an API proxy in your API product uses "three-legged OAuth" (authorization code grant type), developers can specify a callback URL when they register their apps. You can configure whether or not to require a callback URL during app registration. For more information, see About callback URLs.

Download OpenAPI Specification from API reference documentation

API consumers can now download the OpenAPI Specification when viewing API reference documentation.

Deprecated features

The docs-new.apigee.com documentation site has been deprecated and will soon be retired. All content has been migrated and help links re-routed to docs.apigee.com. Reset your bookmarks at your earliest convenience.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Component Name Description
135451581 Integrated portal

Allow lists elements to open in a new tab

You can now Ctrl-click to open a list element in a new tab.

135275560 Integrated portal

"Create your first API spec" message flashes briefly before displaying the list of specs

This issue has been fixed.

135275047 Integrated portal

Swagger Pet Store sample specification flashes briefly when opening a spec in the spec editor

This issue has been fixed.

135149868 Integrated portal

Cannot grant permissions for adding APIs using portaladmin role

This issue has been fixed.

134503680 Integrated portal

When a portal user creates a team in the live portal, the confirmation message should be dismissed automatically without manual intervention

This issue has been fixed.

133624089 Integrated portal

When deleting a developer program, the confirmation displays the developer program ID rather than name

This issue has been fixed.

133320472 Integrated portal

Manage your audience when configuring the built-in provider, not the SAML provider

You can restrict portal registration and sign in by email address or domain when configuring the built-in provider in your developer program only. This section has been removed from the SAML Identity Provider Configuration page.

133248413 Integrated portal

Increase maximum number of API products to 1000

132962807 Integrated portal

Issue when deleting portal access restriction settings

An issue has been fixed that was preventing all users from accessing a portal after setting and then deleting all portal registration and sign-in restrictions.

132387383 Integrated portal

Create account page on the developer portal has link for terms and conditions

A single terms and conditions page, /terms, is now available.

131837988 Integrated portal

Delete dialogs should not have items selected by default

When deleting portal resources, items are not selected by default in the delete dialog.

131233265 Integrated portal

Confirmation messages in the live portal should be dismissed automatically

Confirmation messages in the live portal are now dismissed automatically, without user intervention.

132157470 Integrated portal

/login page available for custom sign in buttons

When creating custom sign-in buttons, you can now link to /login to access the Sign In page.

130162794 Integrated portal

Add OK button to close Authorization dialog in the Live portal

129905674 Integrated portal

Redirect users to the developer programs configuration page to update the logo on the Sign in page

In the theme editor, to customize the logo on the Sign In page, you are now redirected to the developer program configuration page. See Manage company information.

128857297 Integrated portal

Provide ability to undo the removal of a developer team member before Save

When editing developer team membership you can now undo the removal of a developer team member before clicking Save.

128660729 Integrated portal

Unable to upload a spec when there are special characters in the name

This issue has been fixed.

128349896 Integrated portal

<br> does not work in SmartDocs

This issue has been fixed.

121032840 Integrated portal

Hide menu items that link to pages that user cannot access

80543122 Integrated portal

When filtering the list of specs, provide a message if there is no match

67009038 Integrated portal

Support for OpenAPI 3.0 multitypes

Added support for OpenAPI 3.0 multitypes (allOf, oneOf, anyOf) in integrated portal.