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On Wednesday, September 25, a new version of Drupal 7 developer portal is ready for you to apply. See How do I apply Apigee updates to my developer portal in the public cloud?

New features and enhancements

This section describes the new features and enhancements in this release.

Run composer autoloader optimizer when building PHP SDK

Autoloader optimization is now ran when building Apigee Edge PHP SDK to improve performance.

Support for PHP 7.2

Support for PHP 7.2, including the following updates:

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release.

Issue ID Component Name Description
136112141 Developer Portal - Drupal

Interactive Docs broken after security release

Fixed issue with in SmartDocs "Try it now" functionality which broke OAuth2 Authentication.

134425292 Developer Portal - Drupal

App and product status on developer portal not matching status on Edge

Fixed issue where a developer's app could show an incorrect status if only one API product for that app was approved or revoked. App status for each API product now displays the same status as the Apigee Edge UI.

131693372 Developer Portal - Drupal

Monetization: Remove Received Bills tab

The monetization billing engine has been retired, so the "Received Bills" page which used to display postpaid billing statements has been removed.

130756008 Developer Portal - Drupal

Worldpay Monetization: Invalid error displayed: "Missing URL parameters"

  • The Apigee Monetization Worldpay module will no longer try to validate response parameters coming back from Worldpay payments when an error is being returned. The earlier behavior would display an error saying "Worldpay server response does not contain the following URL parameters: %missing_params.", which was not true. This message to fix Worldpay settings is no longer displayed when error messages are returned, but instead logs all parameters and response information to the Drupal logs for inspection.
  • The log category used by the Apigee Monetization Worldpay module is now "devconnect_mint_Worldpay" during logging. Previously it was set to multiple strings that did not follow standard Drupal conventions of using the module name.
130354871 Developer Portal - Drupal

Monetization: Worldpay Credit card purchases failing with Apigee test account

  • The "MAC Secret" field in very early versions was encrypted, but this is no longer true. If you are having issues after this upgrade, make sure the "MAC Secret" field in the Apigee Worldpay module settings is the same as the "MAC Secret" set in the Worldpay account.
  • A new setting was added to the Apigee Worldpay module settings to turn off Worldpay response validation for debugging purposes. It is not recommended to turn this setting off in production sites.
  • If an error occurs during Worldpay processing, the response page used to hide the error response and go back to the Worldpay credit card page. This flow has been changed to go back to the "Billing & Reports" page so that the error can easily be seen.
130353676 Developer Portal - Drupal

Monetization: Worldpay removed credit card images

Removed links to Worldpay's site for credit card images since they are no longer available. Moved Worldpay image into module instead of linking out to Worldpay site.

124121539 Developer Portal - Drupal

Wrong name when deleting app after name change

Fixed issue where the delete confirmation screen was using the "app name" instead of "app display name," which could cause confusion when deleting an app that was renamed.

124011009 Developer Portal - Drupal

Cannot add company developer because the Apigee Edge API is case sensitive for developer email address

When inviting user to a company in monetization, the email address is used from the Drupal user's email to make sure the email case is properly recorded.

119126974 Developer Portal - Drupal

SmartDocs: Displaying method nodes from old revisions

Fixed issue that a SmartDocs OpenAPI doc will show old revisions of a method if you delete a method.