22.10.19 - Apigee Edge for Public Cloud release notes

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On October 19, 2022, we began releasing a new version of the Apigee integrated portal.

Bugs fixed

The following bugs are fixed in this release. This list is primarily for users checking to see if their support tickets have been fixed. It's not designed to provide detailed information for all users.

Issue ID Component Name Description
239424786 Integrated portal

When reusing your portal custom domain with other sites, the cookies for the domain can get larger. This fix allows you to send cookies up to 16K in size, up from the previous 8K limit.

237181283 Integrated portal

Pressing the enter button in the input field of Portals > Accounts > Authentication > Account creation & sign in no longer opens a file explorer window.

233933177 Integrated portal

The email notification field for new account creation can be only a single email address, and not multiple email addresses separated by a delimiter (ie , space or tab). This fix adds validation on the client side to enforce this limitation.

Known issues

For a list of known issues with the integrated portal, see Known issues with the integrated portal.